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GO! 2025 at the conference "AQUILEIA 25 years UNESCO"

foto nicola oleotto fondazione aquilea

At the beginning of December, the AQUILEAIA 25 years UNESCO conference took place, and one of the appointments was dedicated to the European Capital of Culture Nova Gorica-Gorizia.

The appointment that linked GO! 2025 to UNESCO took place within the framework of the round table entitled: TOWARDS THE EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE GO! 2025, coordinated by Mattia Vecchi, Head of Communication of the Basilica of Aquileia.

The speakers were Anna Del Bianco, Director of the Central Directorate, Culture and Sport, Marco Marinuzzi, Project Manager GO! 2025, Stojan Pelko, Director of the GO! 2025 programme, Emanuele Zorino, Mayor of Aquileia and Patrizia Artico, Councillor for GO! 2025.

The place dedicated to GO! 2025 in the context of a Unesco-level conference again underlines the importance of the European Capital of Culture title for the cross-border territory from which it originates.


Photo: Nicola Oleotto (Fondazione Aquileia)

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