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EGTC GO Assembly


  • Matej Arčon

Vice President

• Pierluigi Medeot

Members of the Assembly

  • Matej Arčon
  • Davide Comolli
  • Walter de Gressi
  • Dimitrij Klančič
  • Pierluigi Medeot
  • Vlasta Mozetič
  • Franco Perazza
  • Ivo Podbersič
  • Alessandro Puhali
  • Livio Semolič
  • Bernardo Spazzapan
  • Andreja Trojar Lapanja
  • Ana Zavrtanik Ugrin
  • Robert Žerjal



• Sandra Sodini


Standing Committees

• Transportation
• Town planning
• Energy
• Health
• Culture and training
• Sport 

Board of Auditors

  • Fabrizio Russo, president
  • Vesna Mikuž
  • Claudio Polverino