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Objectives and documentation

The EGTC is a tool designed to overcome the difficulties encountered in implementing and managing projects in the field of territorial cooperation, which are subject to different legislation and procedures, and to facilitate the implementation of (not only economic) common tasks.

From a legal point of view the EGTC is based on the founding agreement of its members and the statute, which defines the organizational and functional rules, it has legal personality, and is aimed at implementing programs, projects or specific actions referred to territorial cooperation.

By joining the EGTC, the participating municipalities and other agencies are legally organized in an independent cross-border body and, given their legal personality, they can directly interact with European institutions and third parties. Therefore, the EGTC is a useful tool for the development of territorial cross-border cooperation between local authorities.

EGTC's specific objective is to strategically coordinate the policies relating to the metropolitan area, for example:

- management, implementation and modernization of transportation infrastructure, systems and services, mobility and logistics;
- coordination of the public transport policies, also by jointly managing transportation services;
- management of intermodal logistic nodes in the metropolitan area;
- use and management of local energy and environmental resources;
- drafting of an energy plan for the metropolitan area;
- drafting of plans for joint implementation in other sectors aimed at strengthening economic and social cohesion.



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