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The call for entries is open for the 'Researching on the way to GO! 2025' workshop

Rossetti bando

The call for the 'Researching on the way to GO! 2025' workshop

The Teatro Stabile del Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Teatro Stabile Slovenija are organising a workshop for young artists resident within the European Union and working in the fields of theatre, poetry, literature, figurative arts and new technologies.
The two-month workshop will be supervised by high-profile lecturers and will foster connections between sectors and languages. The theme on which the participants will focus will be inherent to the project line defined in the Bid Book GO! 2025 and linked to the concept of 'borderlessness'.

You can read the tender here BANDO Ricercando sulla via di GO! 2025 Razpis Ricercando sulla via di GO! 2025


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