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Presentation of the Salute-Zdravstvo project: Cross border booking system for health care services

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Creation of a single cross-border booking platform that will enable to use cross-border health services from both cross border states.

The activities of the project are intended to find administrative and legal solutions that would enable the inhabitants of the EGTC GO area to book and use health services on the other side of the border. In this way, we will also put into practice what is provided in the European Directive 2011/24 / EU on the free movement of patients.

A comparative analysis of procurement systems and methods of providing health services in the two countries was made in order to create administrative and legal possibilities for the establishment of a cross-border system of booking health services.

All activities are carried out in close cooperation with the Slovenian Ministry of Health and the Central Directorate for Health, Social Affairs and Disability of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and with other organizations responsible for technical, administrative and financial aspects of ordering and providing health services, Insiel, National Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Slovenia (NIJZ) and the Health Insurance Institute of the Republic of Slovenia (ZZZS).

Based on the guidelines of the Slovenian Ministry of Health and the Central Directorate for Health, Social Affairs and Disability of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, the working group established a list of health services to be provided in the EGTC GO area. Radiologists from the Italian and Slovenian institutions that will provide the services, together with the support of the NIJZ, paired the proposed services of the working group, thus creating the final list of 22 services. The services cover the field of radiology and ultrasound, and as part of the implementation of activities, a weekly number of places for pilot activity was determined.

An agreement was reached with the technical service providers, the NIJZ on the Slovenian side and Insiel on the Italian side, regarding the method of implementing the cross-border ordering system.

Based on the results of the analysis and taking into account the technical characteristics of the Slovenian and Italian ordering systems, a unified booking system that is currently under construction, will enable residents of the EGTC GO area to book health services beyond the border.

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