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GO! 2025 meets the University


In the presence of the three rectors of the Universities of Trieste, Udine and Nova Gorica - Roberto di Lenarda, Roberto Pinton and Boštjan Golob - the project promoted by the EGTC "GO! 2025 meets University", a path of participatory involvement and inclusion of the student population in view of Nova Gorica - Gorizia European Capital of Culture 2025, kicked off. The event was also attended by EGTC GO President Paolo Petiziol and Director Romina Kocina, with Gorizia Mayor Rodolfo Ziberna and Nova Gorica Deputy Mayor Anton Harej.

Articulated on 3 levels of confrontation and exchange - students and students, teachers and executives of the Universities - the action undertaken for the direct involvement of the Universities involved more than 150 participants among students (over 130), teachers and executives, and immediately produced an important result: the "participatory planning table" launched yesterday as part of the GO! 2025 Outreach program becomes permanent, to systematize ideas and solutions for improving cross-border coexistence and collaboration in the European Capital of Culture #borderless. Students, teachers and university leadership will then continue in a discussion that will accompany the journey of GO! 2025.

"If there is a target population at which an event like GO! 2025 should primarily look, it is undoubtedly the young and very young, who are the future of the cross-border territory. We do not want to miss an unrepeatable opportunity, and the new project 'GO! 2025 meets the University' is in this direction." These are the words of Paolo Petiziol, President of the EGTC GO European Group for Territorial Cooperation, who announces the launch of the new exchange and planning project called to involve the area's reference universities - the Universities of Trieste, Udine and Nova Gorica - on three levels: "at the student level, first of all," explains EGTC Director Romina Kocina, "but also at the level of the teaching staff, which has already begun to reflect and raise awareness among female and male students around the goal of the European Capital, and also at the level of the three universities' top management. The meeting that marked the "kick off" of the project was held yesterday (Tuesday, March 19) in the Conference Center of the University of Trieste / Gorizia branch, in the presence of the Rectors of the Universities of Trieste Roberto Di Lenarda, Udine Roberto Pinton and Nova Gorica, Boštjan Golob, also present were the first citizen of Gorizia Rodolfo Ziberna and the deputy mayor of Nova Gorica Anton Harej. Greetings from the Vice-President of the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia Mario Anzil arrived during the proceedings through GECT President Paolo Petiziol.

The action initiated by Egtc for the direct involvement of universities, curated by cultural manager Chiara Isadora Artico, involved yesterday more than 150 participants among students (more than 130), faculty and top management, and aims not only at moments of confrontation and exchange, but to generate a stable path of work for participatory planning within the framework of the Outreach program - plan for citizen involvement - of GO! 2025. A dual function, then: to introduce the opportunities that GO! 2025 intends to orient to the university population, and to collect and circulate the needs and ideas of those studying and teaching in the cross-border city. And the action taken has immediately produced an important result: in fact, the "participatory planning table" launched yesterday becomes permanent: it will be the forum in which to systematize ideas and improved solutions coming from young people for coexistence and collaboration in the #borderless European Capital of Culture. Students, teachers and University leadership will thus continue in a confrontation that will accompany the journey of GO! 2025.

"We want to be able to identify and seize the needs, but also the opportunities that surface in a borderless city at the center of the European cultural scene," Romina Kocina emphasizes, " In this way, making a concrete "laboratory" of collaboration the example for future similar contexts across the continent. The action initiated by the EGCT envisages that the 3 levels of university realities - Rectors, faculty and students - will all be activated, in an interdependent key: the work carried out by the Rectors will be shared with the other levels and in turn will be updated on the basis of what emerges from the working groups of faculty and student reality. Lecturers from the universities will report on the professionalizing experiences and special projects initiated around GO! 2025, their ideas for the future will be collected and conveyed; similarly, student forces, divided into groups, will be able to discuss the opportunities opened up by the GO! 2025 project, in a workshop using the "world café" methodology, identifying and systemizing felt needs and unexpressed potential. The work in groups consists of two phases, for a progressive approach to concrete solutions and ideas. Yesterday's workshop was a first opportunity for discussion and participation, prodromal to the activation of the continuing working group, formed by male and female students, in the context of the participatory planning table included in the Outreach program of GO! 2025.


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