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one year to go

The European Capital of Culture 2025 Nova Gorica-Gorizia places young people at the center. They will be the main heirs of its legacies.

For this reason, the Outreach Plan – the inclusion plan that welcomes the needs of different segments of the population and promotes their active participation in the project – included processes that are oriented precisely to the involvement of girls, boys, and students.

In particular, workshops have been held in high schools, both in Italian and Slovenian, involving approximately 400 girls and boys.

The workshops had a dual purpose: presenting the opportunities that GO! 2025 offers to the students in the cross-border area, giving them the chance to discuss the matter; collecting their needs and the unexpressed potential of the project.

Through the "world café" method, the work groups, divided into two consecutive phases, led to a progressive approach to concrete solutions and ideas.

The workshops, which will also continue in March and April, allow the construction of a perceptual map of girls' and boys' needs and desires, regarding the cultural ecosystem of their city and how they imagine it in the future.

Then, they represent a first opportunity for discussion, which will be followed by the creation of a continuous working group made up of students, in order to generate a participatory design table as part of the GO! 2025 Outreach Plan.

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