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Conclusion of activities for Mental Health project


Yesterday it was held the last meeting of the Cross-border Task Force for the Mental health, which has worked tight together during this long period.

Our partners have presented all the realized activities to media and representatives of the three municipalities, who took part in the meeting and had the opportunity to learn more in detail about the Mental Health project.

The path initiated with the gained financing for the Salute-Zdravje project, which includes 5 co-projects: Autism, Physiological Pregnancy, Social Inclusion, single centre for the booking of social and health.


A cross-border Task force was constituted that, after a detailed analysis and study of work practices on the coss-border territory, elaborated a Protocol, on the basis of which the Task Force began to include participants in the project.

Successively, the Partner La Collina in collaboration with the Slovenian organisation Šent, joined the project to initiate the implementation of the Individual Health Budget, mainly on three areas: house, work and sociality:

  • The housing project in Nova Gorica: the participants lived together in a joint apartment under the supervision of the of Šent employees.
  • Štefanov center of employment Vogrsko: the goal of the center is to provide work for people with disabilities (production capacity between 30% and 70%).
  • Social Sewing Room: the tailoring workshop is based in Gorizia and has started the main activities of creating objects with the use of jeans and other fabric donated by the local community.
  • Involvement in the local community through various socialization activities

Through the project, a broad network was created between relevant health institutions in our cross-border area, thus enabling further cooperation and sharing of good practices.

We are also proud of our partners who have worked hard to ensure the continuity of some projects, such as the continuation of the housing program and the Social Sewing Room.

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