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Financed projects

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LineB - Living beyoNd Border

The Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Gorizia (LP) is collaborating with the Goriški Muzej in Nova Gorica (PP) in a project centered on the historical border between the two cities. A digital storytelling path will be developed through symbolic places such as Basaglia Park and Transalpine Square, using a mobile app to tell stories of people who experienced the border. The goal is to promote culture, sustainable tourism and inclusion while contributing to economic development. Through Go 2025, it aims to promote cultural heritage through a digital landscape approach, engaging a wide audience. The project includes educational events for schools, with historical re-enactments to raise awareness among the younger generation. Cross-border cooperation is key to providing a comprehensive cultural experience.

PV - Peripheral Visions

The project focuses on the intersection of wartime and industrial history in the Italian-Slovenian area. After wartime investments, the region faced a post-Berlin Wall crisis, leading to unemployment and migration. The project aims to enhance war-industrial identity and industrial archaeology by involving artists, students and businesses. Using contemporary arts tools, it aims to promote innovation, cross-border education and sustainable tourism. Expected outcomes include creative ateliers, artist residencies, cultural events and a network for the enhancement of industrial heritage.


GGC - Go Green Cinema

The Go Green Cinema (GGC) project promotes accessibility to quality cinema in a sustainable way in the cross-border area. It will create a network of 18 mobile cultural venues for digital film screenings, enhancing sustainable culture and tourism. Training programs will prepare staff and tourism operators to organize innovative and sustainable cultural events. The GGC will also extend to remote locations without adequate film infrastructure, engaging cross-border audiences and contributing to CEC GO 2025 programs. Working with external experts, it will introduce sustainable measures in cultural events, creating a public handbook and working with local actors to build a sustainable tourism offer, promoting reflection on environmental protection and sustainable tourism. The goal is to raise awareness of the role of culture and heritage in an innovative way, encouraging responsible behavior in visitors and cultural tourism operators.


The Borderless Generation Audiovisual Festival offers audiovisual training and promotion to students from different regions through screenings, talks and workshops. Supervised by professionals, students create audiovisual works, transferring practical knowledge and expanding networking networks. The project promotes European identity through cultural heritage and contemporary arts, contributing to cultural welfare and cultural tourism. With social and cultural innovation activities, the festival raises awareness of the role of cultural heritage and promotes EU values through film and audiovisual. It takes place in Gorica and Nova Gorica, involving various organizations to address the challenges of new technologies.


The twin municipalities of Romans d'Isonzo and Sempeter-Vrtojba are collaborating to boost historical and cultural tourism in the run-up to GO!2025 European Capital of Culture. Romans d'Isonzo is focusing on the enhancement of a Lombard necropolis with the goal of creating a dedicated museum. Sempeter-Vrtojba, located on the border line, focuses on evidence of the "iron curtain" and guard posts of the former Yugoslavia. The project "HISTORY'S GAZE ON THE BORDER" aims to protect and promote cross-border historical heritage by enhancing museum spaces and conducting education and outreach activities.

GO(d)BA 2025 - Cross-border band of Gorizia and Nova Gorica

The GO(d)BA project aims to create a cross-border wind orchestra to strengthen the cultural image in the border area between Nova Gorica and Gorica. Collaborating with the Chemnitz orchestra, the project will organize concerts, international exchanges and contribute to the European City of Culture in 2025. The orchestra will promote cultural diversity through a high-quality music program, involving young people and boosting cross-border tourism. The project aims to promote social inclusion, preserve the musical tradition and stimulate the local economy. The cross-border wind orchestra will be an opportunity for stable collaboration and enrich cultural activities beyond the Gorizia area.

BRIDGE - Tourism and culture in harmony with the environment

The BRIDGE project integrates culture, art, wellness and sustainable tourism in the GO!2025 program area. It responds to common challenges through cooperation, guidebook training, cross-border events, and investment in green infrastructure. It contributes to the goals of ECOC 2025 by increasing cross-border participation in cultural events and developing a new sustainable integrated tourism offer. The project also promotes the connection between people, nature and well-being through a thematic geomantic trail and sustainable artworks in art residences. The innovative approach is based on the integration of two NATURA 2000 sites and the creation of a permanent partnership for natural heritage management. Beneficiaries include residents and visitors to the area, with the goal of achieving multiplicative promotional effects through collaboration among partners.

GoJGo - GoJewishGo Jewish Pathways in the Italian and Slovenian Gorizia

The project aims to enhance the Jewish presence in Gorizia and Gradisca areas during Go2025. Through the training of tour guides, creation of a multilingual website with augmented reality for ten sites, and inclusion in European Jewish heritage trails, it aims to provide an engaging and inclusive visitor experience. A training course will address Jewish culture and history, with a focus on religious norms for welcoming Jewish tourists. Collaboration with local authorities, universities and cultural organizations will contribute to the realization of this sustainable project.

UNCOMMON FRUITS - Enhancing the cultural significance of local fruit in our contemporary daily life

The "UNCOMMON FRUITS" project aims to enhance the landscape and community in the Kojsko and Topolò regions through the creation of unusual orchards across the Italian-Slovenian border. The initiative involves experts, artists and the local community to restore abandoned orchards, promote sustainable practices and create new products. The goal is to stimulate respect for nature, promote slow tourism and strengthen the connection between human beings and the environment, overcoming historical barriers and promoting a deeper cross-border connection.

Soča_KV - The Soča River from source to sea - a guide for kayakers

"Isonzo Kayak Guide" is a project that offers a comprehensive guide for kayakers along the entire course of the Soča River, from the heart of the Julian Alps to the Adriatic. The goal is to shift attention from busy to less explored stretches, promoting sustainable management and cross-border connectivity. The guide involves kayakers from both sides of the border, offering a firsthand experience of the surrounding nature and stimulating the discovery of cultural and gastronomic attractions along the way. The project builds on a successful concept already implemented on the Sava, aiming to foster a deeper connection with the river and support its collaborative and sustainable management.

GO TOURISM - Strengthening the tourism sector in the Italy-Slovenia cross-border area for the support and promotion of the CEC GO! 2025

The GO TOURISM project aims to harness the natural and cultural assets of the Nova Gorica - Gorica cross-border area, in conjunction with the European Capital of Culture 2025, to develop sustainable tourism products. The goal is to improve stakeholder skills, increase the visibility of the cross-border area and promote the CEC GO! 2025. The project will promote closer cooperation, creating networks between tourism service providers and operators in the two neighboring countries. Outputs include promotional events, cross-border training, and two tourism exchanges in 2024 and 2025. The ultimate goal is increased awareness of culture in sustainable tourism and a more visible and integrated cross-border destination.

WALK 2 SPIRIT - Sacred places that unite: journey from Aquileia to Sveta Gora

The WALK 2 SPIRIT project aims to increase cultural and religious tourism in peri-urban and rural areas, capitalizing on the growing influx of people interested in history and cultural heritage. The partners, the Franciscan Monastery of Sveta Gora and the Society for the Preservation of the Basilica of Aquileia, will develop a cross-border walk from Aquileia to Sveta Gora, offering a sustainable tourism package that combines historical, cultural and religious elements. The project includes adaptation work in the Sveta Gora shrine, cross-border public events and training paths for tour guides. The goal is to improve the attractiveness and recognition of the destinations involved in the long term, positioning them as ideal for sustainable and "slow" tourism.

2KLT - The Two Kulturni | Dva Kulturna Domova

The project "The Two Kulturni | Dva Kulturna Domova" aims to upgrade and modernize the Kulturni Dom in Gorica and the Kulturni Dom in Nova Gorica, two important theaters that have been cooperating for 40 years, promoting cultural integration between the two cities. In view of the designation of Nova Gorica and Gorica as European Capital of Culture 2025, infrastructural improvements are planned to offer state-of-the-art service, attract cultural bodies and meet European standards. The project will culminate with a "Show in Two Cities," a single play divided between the two theaters, symbolizing the integration of the two communities.

KONFIN - Artistic and culinary experiences Konvin, Krainer, Fabrika

In the KONFIN project, three innovative experiences will be developed targeting both the local population from Ljubljana to Venice and tourists visiting the Nova Gorica and Gorica area. These experiences combine haute cuisine and artistic activities based on local stories, introducing novel models in the field of tourism. The experiences will take place in symbolic locations such as the former border crossing and characteristic streets of Gorica, offering a mix of history, culture and gastronomy. The project aims to integrate the arts sector into the gastronomic sector, promoting innovation, sustainability and better visibility of the region on the tourism map. Managed by Na trgu d.o.o. and VIARASTELLOQUARANTATRE S.R.L., the cross-border collaboration will ensure successful activities in both Slovenia and Italy.

Vina prijateljstva & miru - Velika vina miru in prijateljstva iz čezmejnega ter prvega

The "Great Wines of Friendship and Peace" project aims to develop an innovative tourism offer connected to the cultural heritage of the best classified vineyards in the cross-border territory. In cooperation with the Franciscan Monastery of Kostanjevica (MFK) and Spessa Castle, it proposes a unique "collection of great wines" housed in the MFK winery in Slovenia and Spessa Castle in Italy. The cross-border cooperation involves winemakers and tourism product providers on both sides of the border, while the artistic and gastronomic integration creates a unique experience. With the annual charity auction, tastings, and educational programs, the project will promote the region's attractiveness throughout the year, collaborating with GO! 2025 for an enhanced impact on tourism.

RIMROM - Cross-border Roman History

The RIMROM project aims to develop a more social and inclusive Europe through the promotion of cross-border collaboration. Uniting two states with different regulations and languages, the project will enhance Roman cultural heritage with educational courses, Italian-Slovenian events, and multilingual workshops. The goal is to provide an integrative experience for visitors to GO!2025, enhance the skills of Roman heritage interpreters, and promote tourism and small business development. The project will help consolidate the role of Roman heritage and sustainable tourism by promoting cross-border cooperation and optimization of sector practices. At the conclusion of the project, the results will be made available to the public, contributing to the enhancement of the cross-border area in the Interreg Italy-Slovenia program and beyond.

#GO2025FENICE - Venice with La Fenice for #GO2025

Project partners aim to overcome language and cultural barriers, promoting sustainable development and social inclusion, with a focus on minorities. The main goal is to engage the younger generation from Venice, Gorica, and Slovenia in the production of high-quality digital music content, supported by La Fenice Theater and Slovenian music schools. Innovation is evident through a bilingual educational kit, cross-border music production, popular competitions, and a creative and participatory approach. The project will involve schools, chefs, and communities, promoting cross-border cooperation and sociocultural innovation.

SFP - Stories for passengers

"Stories for passengers" is an innovative project that offers sound narratives to travelers through a smartphone application during their journey to Nova Gorica and Gorica. The goal is to provide an engaging narrative of the area, bringing visitors closer to the spirit of GO2025. The project covers different routes and means of public transportation, creating a surprising experience between the real and surreal. Site-specific audio tracks will be developed for 21 routes, including focuses on the cities of Gorica and Nova Gorica. The project will be developed over three years with two work packages: app development and promotion. Each track is created by a team of artists, incorporating research on spatial sound reproduction. The application will use geolocation to trigger sound content based on the traveler's location. The ultimate goal is to explore new forms of enjoyment of cross-border cultural heritage and promote high value-added digital services.

ZAFA25 - The sky beyond the borders

The project involves the construction of a radio telescope on the Slovenian side and the upgrading of the existing planetarium on the Italian side. These will contribute to scientific research, university education and popularization of radio astronomy in schools. In addition, the upgrading of the planetarium will position the astronomical society as the owner of the largest one in the region. The project aims to strengthen cooperation between institutions through the exchange of knowledge and experience, connecting cultures and promoting astronomy among the public.

GO! Pasta - building cross-cultural and economic bridges through stuffed pasta

GO! Pasta addresses the challenges of the gastronomic heritage of Upper Friuli and the Goriška region, focusing on traditional filled pasta such as cjarsons, Idrijski žlikrofi, Bovški krafi, and Kobariški štruklji. The project promotes exchange among local communities, raises the visibility of stuffed pasta, and encourages international cooperation. Through activities such as mapping, events, and a mobile food trailer, GO! Pasta connects the two regions, involving producers, restaurateurs, cooking schools, public agencies and consumers. The project aims to generate new recognizable dishes for GO! 2025, contributing to the borderless and multicultural journey of the ECoC.

DeBAGUER&MUŠIČ - New Museum Collections at Dobrovo Castle

The project aims to create a new museum collection cross-border at Dobrovo Castle, in cooperation between the Provincial Museums of Gorica and the Municipality of Brda. The collection will be enriched with a selection of Count de Baguer's collection, previously kept in the Provincial Museums, and will present the history and culture of the cross-border area. Renovation of exhibition spaces, digitization of cultural heritage, and organization of cross-border events and symposia will help promote sustainable tourism and awareness. The project plays a key role in preparing the area for the European Capital of Culture 2025.

SINGERS' CORNERS - Displaced festival of open-air choral singing on the cross-border territory of Goriška

The SINGERS' CORNERS project expands Musical Evenings in Tabor, bringing a quality singing event to 5 new cross-border locations in the Goriška region. The goal is to preserve cultural heritage through choral singing, promote sustainable tourism and strengthen social cohesion. The innovative festival will move between the locations involved, engaging singing groups and spectators in a unique cultural experience. Cross-border cooperation is essential to the success of the project, which will be related to the CEC GO! 2025, contributing to sustainable cross-border economic and tourism development.

ZRCALA - Border Mirrors | Zrcala meje

"Mirrors of the Border | Zrcala meje" is a festival that explores the identity of the cities of Nova Gorica and Gorica through jazz music, poetry and other art forms. The project highlights the concept of borders, uniting local singer-songwriters, poets and musicians in unusual performances at historic sites and unique landscapes. The festival, divided into outdoor events in the spring and locations such as wineries and historic homes in the fall, aims to engage audiences in a celebration of cross-border culture, including the region's food and wine industry.

TPE - The Passenger Experience

The project aims to redefine the space of the airport in Ronchi dei Legionari, transforming it into an antechamber of the multicultural experience of the GO25 Capital of Culture. This includes transforming the airport into a place of cultural experience, integrating it with the surrounding community through cycling activities, and organizing events at train stations. The goal is to develop new tourism models using existing resources in creative and innovative ways, involving citizens in the design of the tourism experience, and promoting youth employability through training and education.

KISS & GO! - Bilingual Kisses

The KISS & GO! project aims to improve passive bilingualism in the population near the Italian-Slovenian border through cross-border events in shopping centers. Using an innovative approach based on IT technologies and direct interactions, partners will implement an app to informally discover the neighbor's language. Outputs include an interactive multimedia installation, a play-based language teaching app, a mini-dictionary of common dialect terms, and a promotional campaign with visual gadgets to promote bilingualism. The goal is to increase interest in minority language learning and improve the perception of language use in the cross-border territory.


The "Ljubkina pot" ("The Ljubka Trail") project promotes sustainable tourism by enhancing the literature of marginalized women writers. With an innovative approach integrating culture, "non-invasive" tourism, and technology, the trail offers an accessible cultural route, specialized guides, and licenses for cross-border guided tours. Involving teachers, youth, the elderly, and the Slovenian minority, the project promotes equality and awareness of women writers. The use of technology also makes the route accessible to people with disabilities, while the goal is to strengthen capacity in tourism, education and artistic creativity, focusing on women. Cross-border cooperation is essential to the success of the project.

ENO(SATIRA) - SPIRIT OF WINE Sustainable wine tourism: wine, satire, the earth

The Spirito di Vino project aims to enhance wine culture and strengthen sustainable tourism in the cross-border area. Through the Spirito di Vino satirical contest, it promotes wine culture across the board. The ENO(SATIRA) project focuses on training winemakers in sustainable viticulture by offering courses and involving international experts. Micro-galleries will be created in wineries and iconic places, becoming "Spirit of Wine" spaces with satirical events and festivals. The initiative aims to enrich wine tourism by engaging producers and artists in promoting wine culture through memorable experiences.

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