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Presentation of Salute-Zdravstvo project: Social inclusion

Inclusione sociale poster

Joint social services under the jurisdiction of the three municipalities for the inhabitants of the cross-border area. At three new information points, residents will receive clear information on access and types of services in the cross-border area.

As part of the activities, the three founding municipalities of the EGTC GO have established a cross-border network of social services for the inhabitants of the EGTC GO area, with special emphasis on vulnerable groups.

A permanent cross-border working group of representatives of the three municipalities was established to set up a cross-border network of social services. The cross-border working group carried out an analysis to examine the social care systems in the three municipalities from the perspective of both public services and private organizations.

In 2019, an consultation and several workshops were organized in the fields of social inclusion, in particular, "Elderly and disability", "Social distress and poverty", "Minors and families", which aimed to establish a cross-border network of social services. As part of the networking, a brochure was also issued, which includes non-governmental organizations, cooperatives,and other providers of social services in the EGTC GO area.

Based on the analysis of the cross-border network of social services, in June 2020 three municipalities signed a cross-border protocol, based on which social services will be available to residents on both sides of the border with the involvement of all relevant services, associations, and NGOs.

From the infrastructural point of view, we will set up three info points in three municipalities, where residents will be able to receive information about the services available in the entire area and the possibilities of access to them.

In the Municipality of Gorica, the works for the establishment of the information point were completed in October 2019. The info point is located on the ground floor of the Centro Polivalente building in the immediate center of the city.

In the Municipality of Nova Gorica, the information point will be located in the Community Center, where infrastructural works will be carried out with the help of additional funds from the Municipality of Nova Gorica, which intends to thoroughly renovate the building. The works are in full swing and are expected to be completed in early 2021.