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The "happy ending" is inevitable


A meeting with the great writer Alexander Hemon of our time was held at the France Bevk public library in Nova Gorica on Tuesday, December 5. The writer's presence was organized by the Goga Publishing House as part of the European cooperation project Relais. In addition, the event is part of the "Think Tank Train" project, included in the official program of the European Capital of Culture 2025 Nova Gorica - Gorica, as well as the City of Books Festival.

During the conversation with journalist Ervin Hladnik Milharčič, Alexander Hemon spoke about his memoirs and his book "All this does not belong to you", which was translated into slovenian this year.

The book contains a series of reminiscences related to the Sarajevo writer's childhood, offering a profound reflection on how memory works, capable of evoking certain memories, rather than others. The work was written in english, a language Hemon mastered when he moved to America after the outbreak of war in Bosnia. For this reason, the book also addresses the issue related to language. "Just like when we listened to rock and roll, the attraction was that we didn't understand anything, but we learned the language anyway", Hemon says.


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