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MRFY to open for Editors' concert


The name of the opening band that will take the stage before the acclaimed British band Editors has been announced: MRFY will warm up the stage. The eagerly awaited concert will take place on Saturday 2 September at the Piazza della Casa Rossa in Gorizia.
It is the indie rock pop phenomenon MRFY, consisting of four members from Novo Mesto (SLO). Together with Editors, they will warm up the atmosphere of the upcoming European Capital of Culture 2025 in a new concert location, in the large car park next to the former Casa Rossa crossing in Gorizia.

The band MRFY consists of singer and guitarist Gregor Strasbergar, bassist Lenart Merlin, guitarist Tomaž Zupančič and drummer Rok Klobučar. The guys have been gracing Slovenian stages for more than five years, and in 2018 they presented their debut album Story to a wider audience at Kino Šiška. They appeared at the Šiška Open the following year and later warmed up the audience for alt rockers Skunk Anansie.

In September 2018, the band released their debut album Story on SonicTribe. The album was well received by the public and the band released a total of nine singles and videos that they supported with numerous performances throughout Slovenia during the Top Mont tour.
After a forced hiatus due to the Covid situation, they came back strongly in the summer of 2020 presenting the phenomenal crossover hit 'Zonzei' together with their friends Matter. Afterwards, they headed to the studio with renowned producer Zarko Pak to record new material. In spring 2021, they released the acclaimed single 'Zaljubila' (Falling in Love). After a summer on the Slovenian stage, they honoured their devoted audience with the most successful generational track, 'Prjatučki' (Little Friends), which remains their biggest hit to date.
A second forced Covid hiatus followed and the band accelerated the production of new songs. In the spring of 2022, the third single 'Angels' is released, anticipating the second album 'Use', premiered to a sold-out crowd at the Kina Šiška Cathedral. A summer tour of Slovenia followed, with performances at the Castle festival, Žalska noč, Rock Gače, May Games, Lampijončki, Radenska noči, Ale u pale, etc. The year ended with two more singles: San Francisco and Tobogan (Slide), and the sold-out autumn concert at the Orto bar. It can be said to be the most successful year for MRFY, as evidenced by the Zlata piščal (Golden Pipe) award for the song of the year (Prjatučki) and the position of the three singles in the top ten of the most listened to songs of the year on the main Slovenian national radio station, Val 202.

MRFY will perform at 7.30 pm, Editors at 9 pm. Tickets for the Editors' concert where MRFY will play the opening set are on sale on
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The event is promoted by GECT GO in cooperation with the Municipality of Gorizia and Zenit srl, within the framework of the initiatives leading up to GO! 2025.

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