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GO! City Light

go city light

Proiezioni visual art, musica live e DJ. 

On Saturday, 16 December, the "GO! City Light" event, organised jointly by the Municipality of Gorizia and the EGTC GO, took place in the square in front of the Gorizia Town Hall as part of the December Gorizia event.

The venue was enlivened by art and music installations, complemented by various urban interventions, such as live street music and DJ sets, and projects related to the cross-border cultural programme GO! 2025.

GO! City Light transformed the square in front of Gorizia's City Hall into an open-air theatre for a number of performances and shows with colours and sounds. The visual choreography consisted of the video projection "Modux" by the BridA group with a laser intervention by JesterN, established names in the panorama of contemporary multimedia art at international level. The BridA collective (composed of Tom Kerševan, Sendi Mango and Jurij Pavlica) is also an official partner of the GO! 2025 project and curator of the R.o.R residency programme (Šempas, Slovenia). The works of JesterN, or Alberto Novello, have been presented in some "cultural temples" such as the Centre Pompidou and the Venice Biennale.

The ambient was brought to life with music by Max Zuleger, who has been working as a DJ and music producer for more than 20 years, is the artistic director of several clubs and compiles his playlists from more than 12,000 vinyl records, with a focus on dance music of the 90s.

Tish, a well-known Italian singer of Serbian origin from Tržič, performed live and sang acoustic, offering the Goriška audience an 'unplugged', intimate performance with the sounds of pop, blues and soul.

Stefano Comelli, a professional sculptor whose works are included in the collections of regional museums such as the Musei Provinciali in Gorizia and Casa Zanussi in Pordenone, also performed live. At the event, he created an ice sculpture dedicated to GO! 2025.

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