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GO! 2025 Boderless Wireless is online!

borderless wirewless

The Borderless Wireless platform is online!



As of today, the Borderless Wireless platform, a window into the world of the European Capital of Culture Nova Gorica and Gorizia 2025, is online.It boasts a well-thought-out and aesthetically pleasing graphic design, which emphasises the fact that it is a cross-border European Capital of Culture - this is reflected in the imagery (half of the image carries the motifs from Nova Gorica, the other half from Gorizia) and in the style of the text itself, with the letters partly blending in with the background. In addition to aesthetics, functionality has also been taken into account, as the platform is fully adapted for the visually impaired by means of a plug-in.

The platform allows you to browse through the descriptions of all the projects in the official European Capital of Culture programme, and it is also a place for news and events from the conurbation and beyond. These are not exclusively dedicated to the official programme, but other stakeholders will soon be able to propose their events for publication. It is possible to apply for the GO! 2025 logo, journalists can access press releases and press materials, and the platform will also evolve and grow with its audience. In the next phase, the developers foresee a tab on volunteering and similar ways to become part of the cross-border story, and an important part will be a tourist information section where visitors will be able to fully plan and book their visit.

The content is available in three languages - Slovenian, Italian and English.

Visit and explore it here

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