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We have the GO! 2025 date

februar 7

On the Slovene Cultural Day at 12 noon the Minister of Culture Asta Vrečko on the Prešeren Square in Ljubljana and the Director of GO! 2025 Gorazd Božič in Nova Gorica will officially announce the opening date of the European Capital of Culture Nova Gorica - Gorizia. On that day in 2025, the two Gorica towns will be transformed into the setting for the opening ceremony, which will be appropriately lavish, perhaps even spectacular, and will be directed by the playwright, screenwriter and director Neda Rusjan Bric.  

At GO! 2025, we will announce the date of the European Capital of Culture opening at the Recital Prešernove poezije (recital of Prešeren’s Poetry), a project that the Slovenian Association of Dramatic Artists traditionally organises in city centres, always at 12 noon. The main recital will take place in Ljubljana on Prešeren Square, while in Nova Gorica, actors from the Slovenian National Theatre will recite Prešeren in Bevk Square.

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