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Project Cyclewalk


The Cyclewalk Project aims at supporting the shift from car usage to cycling and walking mobility patterns over shorter distances, improving the accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists. CYCLEWALK will also contribute to the transition to a more sustainable alternative for urban mobility.

The partnership is composed by seven partners from six European countries (Romania, Italy, Slovenia, Holland, Lithuania, Austria).

The project will introduce quality criteria for proper walking and cycling infrastructure in the policy instruments and projects, through the following activities:

  • study visits, complemented with assessment walking and cycling tours;
  • technical working tables with stakeholders;
  • training and full technical and scientific advise provided by the Urban Cycling Institute to technical offices, regional experts and universities.


The Project Partners will achieve the objectives of CYCLEWALK through a properly designed interregional learning model on the different regional processes. The regions will select and adopt the best practices collected in each other’s and those suggested by the advisory partner; the adoption will be carried out according to the action plan developed by each partner.

The partners will define a common methodology for the action plan clearing how the knowledge acquired through the interregional learning will be implemented and how the quality criteriashould be ensured by the future cycling and walking measures and investments.

In the context of the project, an action plan was drawn up. The action plan’s goal was to enable evidence-based decision-making for selecting the priority measures to promote the new Isonzo-Soča park.

It is a living document, which municipalities can modify and better at any time.

Find here the report on the implementation of the action plan, with its two annexes.

Cyclewalk REPORT action plan implementation

REPORT 1 Intermodality audit

REPORT 1 Intermodality auditREPORT 2 usage monitoring



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