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A dream without borders - GO! 2025 in Brussels


Ready to GO! 2025, A dream without borders was the title of the concert by the FVG Orchestra, which was held last Tuesday in the prestigious seat of the European Parliament in Brussels. The event, organised by the Mitteleuropa Association, the EGTC GO and the Hon. Elena Lizzi, took place on Tuesday 9 April in the Yehudi Menuhin Space in the European Parliament. The event was attended by the President and Director of the EGTC GO, Paolo Petiziol and Romina Kocina, and other guests, including the Slovenian State Secretary Vesna Humar, who also gave a presentation on the project, the Mayor of Gorizia Rodolfo Ziberna, and the Deputy Governor of FVG Mario Anzil. The orchestra, conducted by Paolo Paroni, performed pieces by Antonio Vivaldi, Christian Carrara and Nino Rota.

The European Capital of Culture Nova Gorica-Gorizia 2025, the role of the EGTC GO and the preparations underway in Gorizia and the Friuli-Venezia giulia were also the subject of the press conference on the following day, Wednesday 10 April, also at the European Parliament. Speakers included MEP Lizzi, EGTC GO President Petiziol, Mayor Ziberna, Regional Council President Mauro Bordin and Councillor Anzil.

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