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Autism task force acquires new knowledge

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One of the important objectives of the Salute-Zdravstvo project is to give the members of our task forces the opportunity to learn and always obtain new and advanced skills with which they can improve their work.

For the past three years, the experts of the autism task force made up of professionals from the Splošna bolnišnica »Dr. Franca Derganca« Nova Gorica and ASUGI Gorizia, participated in the training dedicated to the treatment of autistic children with the ESDM method. Now they will have the opportunity to improve also in the AAC method - Augmentative and alternative communication.

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During the next two weeks, members of the task force will attend training sessions on the CAA method, under the guidance of Salvador Hernandez Anduaga, who has extensive experience with the CAA method and the treatment of children with autism. The training will take place online, due to the covid-19 epidemic, and will include five days in which the experts of the cross-border task force for autism will undergo both theoretical and practical training and will acquire new knowledge related to the treatment of children with the CAA method, to offer help to the smallest inhabitants of our cross-border community with ever new and effective methods.

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