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The third meeting with the legal adviser of the B-Solutions project brings us one step closer to the harmonization of the cross-border bicycle rental system

Petra Kuknja secondo incontro

In March 2021, our project was selected from among the winners of the B-solutions European call, with the help of which we got a legal expert to combine the legal part relating to cross-border problematics associated with the joint implementation of the cross-border bike-sharing system. 

Yesterday, the third meeting was held with the legal advisor of the B-solutions project, where members discussed the issues of system coordination. 

Based on the information provided, the legal advisor will be able to give a legal opinion, thus paving the way for a common solution to all issues in the field of cross-border bike sharing program and system maintenance. Users will be able to use bicycles in the entire area of ​​the three municipalities, which will further strengthen the cross-border connectivity of the population and enrich the offer for all visitors to the European Capital of Culture 2025. 

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