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Green light for additional projects from the first SPF GO!2025 call for proposals with funding from the FVG Region

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Another 17 cross-border projects financed by the first SPF GO! 2025 Interreg Italy - Slovenia call managed by the EGTCGO

Good news for another 17 cross-border partnerships that had submitted a project last April: thanks to an additional financial endowment of 3.2 million euro - related to the 2024 financial framework of the FVG Region - a shift in the ranking list of the Call 1/2023 of the Small Projects Fund GO! 2025 is possible.

The European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation EGTC GO, managing body of the fund, has communicated this between yesterday and today to the beneficiaries, following official confirmation by the Managing Authority of the Interreg Italy-Slovenia Programme 2021-2027.

Closing in April 2023, the European call for proposals was created to support cross-border projects to accompany and support the official programme of Nova Gorica and Gorizia European Capital of Culture 2025.

The first call had attracted a great deal of interest, with over 200 applications received by the EGTC GO: thanks to the scrolling of the ranking list, a total of 44 projects will be financed, including those that had received a score of up to 89/cents. Therefore, as of tomorrow, another 17 approved projects will be able to get underway in addition to the 27 already launched.

Many cultural proposals, but also tourism, food and wine, and sport are present in the ideas jointly developed by the Italian and Slovenian partners. The approaches chosen are diversified: while some focus on technology, new media and gamification for the enjoyment of cultural activities and tourist proposals, others start from a local involvement of communities. Among the areas involved are not only dance, music and cinema, but also ancient arts such as glass-blowing and circus, sporting activities such as basketball and flying, and specific projects such as one on ancient fairy tales or on training for food and wine operators. For all of them, however, the key words seem to be sustainability and borderless dialogue.

The partners of the newly funded projects are in fact based on both sides of the Gorizia border, but also in the Karst region, Trieste, Friuli, Veneto and the Slovenian regions of Primorsko-notranjska and Osrednjeslovenksa, including the entire area eligible under the Interreg Italy-Slovenija cross-border programme. As in the previous round, they range from medium-sized non-profit organisations to structured entities, with the addition of a few small and medium-sized enterprises.


Soon the initiatives open to the public concerning the SPF GO! 2025 Interreg projects will be available via the new platform .


On both sides of the border there is also expectation for call number 2, which will be published in the coming months. For now, the priority is the signing of the contracts of the winning projects of the first call and their start-up so that the planned activities can be implemented as soon as possible.


The complete ranking lists are published at:


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