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The results from the GO!2025 public invitation for co-organization of events in 2021


Today we published the results of the public invitation to submit proposals for the co-organization of events in 2021 within the European capital of culture, GO!2025.

The commission composed of Neda Rusjan Bric (artistic director of ECOC GO! 2025), Daniela Doubek Grbac (head of development and evaluation of ECOC Rijeka 2020) and Igor Devetak (member of the group for the candidacy of ECOC GO! 2025) unanimously accepted the scoring of individual projects, thereby adhering to the prescribed assessment categories. In this call, the emphasis was on the work of art, so projects were selected with attention on artistic originality, professionalism, sustainability, involvement of local and international artists, cross-border and compliance with the principles of ECOC GO! 2025 listed in our application book. Many projects, that did not rank among the ten that will receive funding this time, are such that we would be happy to support in the future, and we encourage their development and implementation. In the years of preparation for 2025, public invitations with emphasis on other categories will be published (sports and other events, involvement, and participation of the inhabitants of the ECOC area, activities of amateur groups…) to which non-governmental organizations and associations, ranked among the winners of the funds, will be able to participate. We thank everyone for their cooperation and contribution in creating a rich cultural life in the local and international environment.

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