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Ready2GO! - Careers fair


Representatives of EGTC GO will be present tomorrow, May 10th, at the Ready2GO! event to be held from 9am to 7pm in Piazza Vittoria in Gorizia.

Ready2GO! is the Careers fair organised by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and the Municipality of Gorizia to promote the study, training and work opportunities offered by the territory. The event is aimed in particular at secondary school students, teachers and families interested in finding out about the study and specialisation paths offered by schools, universities, training institutes, Istituti Tecnologici Superiori (ITS Academy) and Istituti di Formazione Tecnica Superiore (IFTS) and discovering the skills most in demand in strategic sectors of the economy, in order to orientate future study and work choices.

There will be stands, workshops, practical activities and participatory demonstrations accessible to all. There will also be workshops on direct knowledge of different educational realities, scientific and technological experiments, educational games, guided walks in the city and a visit to the Student accommodation (Casa dello studente) in Gorizia.

Access to the stands in Piazza Vittoria is free. For activities hosted in other venues and for the visit to the Casa dello Studente, booking is required by filling in the form.

More information, programme and registration are available at the following link: link

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