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Ready for the European Week of Regions and Cities?

EU week regions

The biggest annual event dedicated to cohesion policy that brings together regions and cities from all over Europe is coming!

The event comes to its 20th editions and will be online from 10th to 13th October 2022 under the slogan “New challenges for European Cooperation”

The four main themes of this editions will be:

  1. Green transition
  2. Territorial Cohesion
  3. Digital Transitions
  4. Youth empowerment

EGTC GO will be present both in the official program on the 13th October and at the Side Event on the 8th November. Informations on events and how to join follow:

13th October 11:30 – Online Workshop

B-Solutions: solving cross-border obstacles to enhance development of border regions

The workshop provides information about the ongoing b-solutions initiative, which is supported by AEBR (European Commission and the Association of European Border Regions), that aims to identify and implement viable solutions to overcome the many obstacles which make life in border regions complex.

Link to register:

8th November - How cross-border rivers connect citizens and territories: The river as a tool for territorial cohesion

EGTC GO and Rio Minho share the fact to be both located in a cross-border context with a river flowing through it.

The workshop, co-organized by EGTC GO and Rio Minho aims to share their mutual experiences in promoting, adding value to, and preserving a river in a cross-border context.

Link to register:

All events are held in English

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