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Europe/Transalpina Square and Max Fabiani's Tridente cross-border construction is proceeding as planned

Sopraluogo Transalpina 6.5.2024

The construction of the road infrastructure of Max Fabiani's Tridente is nearing completion; soon the work will move to the center of Transalpina Square and, later, to the Slovenian side of the border.

The cross-border construction site of Transalpina Square and Max Fabiani's Tridente, coordinated by EGTC GO, is proceeding as scheduled: it is a strategic investment with funds from Italy and Slovenia. The redevelopment of the square represents one of the most important interventions within the so-called ECOC District, which will be the center of the European Capital of Culture 2025, Nova Gorica-Gorizia. The progress of the work was illustrated to distinguished institutional guests representing the project's funding bodies during the visit on Monday, May 6. Romina Kocina, Director of the EGTC GO and the Mayor of Gorizia Rodolfo Ziberna, the Mayor of Nova Gorica Samo Turel and the Mayor of Šempeter-Vrtojba Milan Turk attended the event with their technical referees, in the presence of the Vice-President of the Council of Ministers and Minister for Slovenes Abroad Matej Arčon, the Friuli Venezia Giulia Councilor for Finance Barbara Zilli, and the Slovenian Undersecretaries of State Marko Koprivc, Miran Gajšek, and Vesna Humar, who is also the Slovenian government coordinator for GO! 2025.

The visit to the site was led by Tomaž Konrad, deputy director of EGTC GO and head of strategic projects. The construction site was opened last February 12, and the work, carried out by ICI COOP, the company that won the tender, started from the Italian part of Transalpina Square. This first phase includes the renovation work in Caprin, Foscolo, and Luzzato streets (the so-called Fabiani’s Tridente), where the placement of the underground primary utilities, including those related to stormwater drainage, has been completed. The laying of the sidewalk curbs will be carried out shortly, then the concrete base for the final covering in local Repen stone will be done. Work on this part of the square is, therefore, coming to an end: the construction site will move shortly to the area surrounding the mosaic and then to the Slovenian side, on Kolodvorska Street.

The excavations for the installation of the fountains will begin soon on both sides of the mosaic. In the Slovenian half of the square, however, some preparatory work is already underway, mainly to safeguard the trees along Kolodvorska Street. Soon Kolodvorska Street and the square will be closed to all traffic, becoming a part of the construction site. Mirroring the work on the Tridente, the project also includes the installation of the infrastructure for the stormwater runoff on Kolodvorska Street, as well as the laying of the curbs, the sidewalks, and the concrete base. After the completion of the infrastructure work on both sides of the square and the laying of the fountains, the last part of the work will be the uniform paving of the square. This is not the only construction site in the so-called ECOC District: in fact, EGC GO is coordinating the renovation work with that of the neighboring construction site operated by the Slovenian Railways. In view of the popularity and attractiveness of Europe/Transalpina Square and the constant visits of tourists and residents, the closure of the square will be partially compensated with information panels, showing historical photos which have been placed on the construction site fences. The reopening of the square completely renovelled is scheduled to coincide with the start of the year of the European Capital of Culture.

General information about the investment:

The main contractor for the work is the Italian construction company ICI COOP. The total value of the contract for the works is about € 2.9 million (precisely € 2,835,259.91, of which 2,191,967.03 € are for the renovation of Europe/Transalpina Square and € 643,292.88 are for the renovation of the Fabiani’s Tridente on the Italian side, all amounts include VAT). This is a cross-border investment for which - thanks to the cooperation of the two municipalities, the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Republic of Slovenia - EGTC GO has obtained EU funding under the Slovenian National Operational Program (OP 2021-2027) and the FVG Regional Operational Program (POR FESR 2021-2027), the "Europe 27 Program". The renovation of Europe/Transalpina Square is recognized as a strategic project in both planning documents. This item provides funding for design, supervision, and other technical services and, of course, for the execution of the works. The project is financed by - ERDF Regional Program 2021-2027 - Autonomous Region of FVG for a maximum amount of € 2,300,000.00 - Slovenian National Program PON ERDF 2021/2027 for a maximum amount of € 766,427.81 - Slovenian Government for a maximum amount of € 766,427.81 - Resources of the Municipality of Nova Gorica for a maximum amount of € 383,213.90.

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