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Despite the emergency, the EGTC GO is planning the next European programming in smartworking modality

smart working ufficiale

From the 10th of March and, unless extended, until the 3rd of May, the offices of the EGTC GO will be closed to the public. The staff, whose contact details are at the bottom, are smart-working from home. A change that didn't find the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation of Gorizia, Nova Gorica and Šempeter-Vrtojba unprepared, because the staff was already equipped with all the technological necessities and a working method that guarantees the employees access to e-mail, applications, internal network and documents that can be shared via any device - PC, tablet or smartphone - after personal authentication. Furthermore, over the years, a radical “green” choice has been made, aimed at using as little paper as possible, by digitizing the documentation and working almost only with IT documents. This was already useful in the normal course of work, for example for meetings or off-site meetings, and even more so when deciding to activate smart-working, allowing employees to continue to do their work from home already from the next day and without interruptions. Team members are in daily contact via group chats and video calls; when necessary they also share their computer screen with colleagues.

“While working remotely - explains the director Ivan Curzolo - we are able to guarantee full operational efficiency from an administrative point of view. Some project activities had to be rethought, in particular those of the Salute-Zdravstvo project, which, by their very nature, provided for direct contact between operators and users. In this case too, technology has given us a big hand in finding solutions that could allow joint cross-border teams to continue working, albeit remotely".

Info and contacts:

Tanja Curto +39 366 4388206

Laura Graba +39 366 4388201

Tomaž Konrad +386 41 377 585

Maja Radovanović +39 339 7502656

Monica Tortul +39 366 4388192