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In addition to new rooms, the maternity ward in Šempeter now also has new equipment for physiological childbirth

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Purchase of new equipment for the maternity ward of the General Hospital "Dr. Franca Derganca" Nova Gorica


Last year the maternity ward of the General Hospital "Dr. Franca Derganca", received an investment from the project Salute-Zdravstvo, worth 298.468 euros, with which 5 rooms with designated bathrooms and the entire corridor of the department were renovated. From this week, women in labor will be able to have an even better birth experience, as EGTC GO, as part of the Salute-Zdravstvo project, completed a new investment in the total amount of 148.227 euros for the purchase of new equipment for physiological labor.

In the maternity ward of the General hospital "Dr. Franca Derganca" Nova Gorica, women will now be able to choose between modern birthing beds and a birthing chair for alternative birthing positions. The new rooms will be upgraded with ergonomically designed breastfeeding chairs, and the monitoring of childbirth will be facilitated by a new portable ultrasound and two new CTG machines.

In the last year, the maternity ward of the General hospital "Dr. Franca Derganca" Nova Gorica, got a new look with investments in the total value of 446.695 euros and can offer the residents of the area a quality and physiological birth experience as well as a comfortable stay for mothers and their newborns.

Just a few hundred meters away on the Italian side of the border in Parco Basaglia, an investment worth 500.000 euros is being completed, which will include the construction of a modern women's health center. The building, known to most as the Women's House, will complement the new additions to the maternity wing in Šempeter, as it will provide pre- and post-natal treatment. The new structure will include  a swimming pool, a gym and common areas, where the activities of group meetings with midwives, exercise for pregnant women, swimming with babies, etc. will be carried out. The cross-border area of ​​EGTC GO will thus work together to provide a complete package that will follow women from pregnancy , giving birth until the postpartum period.

In addition to investments in physical equipment, as part of the Salute-Zdravstvo project, in particular the part for physiological pregnancy, an investment was also made in the form of employee education. The cross-border working group for physiological pregnancy, which included midwives and gynecologists from the General Hospital "Dr. Franca Derganca" Nova Gorica, the Nova Gorica Health Center and the Italian ASUGI, as part of the project, gained new knowledge about the physiological forms of childbirth, care for pregnant women and mothers after childbirth, in the most developed centers in Europe, and exchanged good practices with each other. The new structures also have professional staff with new knowledge.

"At the end of the Physiological Pregnancy activity, the Salute-Health project, I note with enthusiasm that by participating in the project, we have learned about good practices in the treatment of physiological pregnancy and the management of physiological childbirth in leading European maternity hospitals and at our neighbors. With new knowledge, we got closer to our pregnant women and, together with our colleagues from the Italian side, participated in many activities, from Conversations with Grandma, even during the COVID-19 epidemic, to swimming with babies in the pool of the hospital in Gorica. With the excellent organization of EZTS GO, we have renovated the Maternity Hospital, we have acquired beautiful and comfortable rooms with modern bathrooms, which mothers with their newborns are especially happy to have. All of us in the Maternity Hospital are extremely grateful for the new modern equipment in the delivery block, which will allow women in labor to choose the birthing position that suits them best, and the midwives will use modern equipment to ensure the safe course and completion of the birth at all times." Member of the cross-border of the working group for physiological pregnancy, Alenka Zavrtanik Čelan, head of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Service SB Nova Gorica.

We are very pleased that with the Salute-Zdravstvo project, financed by the Interreg Italia-Slovenia 2014-2020 program, we have enabled new and modern structures and professional treatment for pregnant women, mothers in labor and new mothers from our cross-border area.

In the future, we  hope for as many projects as possible, which will leave such a striking imprint on the area of ​​our cross-border EGTC GO municipalities, and offer residents the highest possible quality and comfortable stay on home soil.

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