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The expert panel’s report on GO!2025 is very positive

sfondo ECOC

Quality and originality of the artistic program and the slogan "GO! Borderless ”, coherence of the candidacy with the development strategies of both cities, importance of the single European conurbation. These  strengths of the project of Nova Gorica and Gorizia as European Capital of Culture 2025 were highlighted by the international experts panel who evaluated GO! 2025.

In the report, transmitted in recent days by the European Commission, the experts highlighted that "The artistic program is well rooted in the local historical and artistic heritage, it knows how to transform challenges into opportunities …… .In the program there are numerous exciting projects." The commission praised the team's work for involving artists and the local audience. What worries the experts are above all the potential complications of the cross-border management of the project and the solidity budget.


In addition to Nova Gorica-Gorizia, Ljubljana, Piran and Ptuj also went to the second evaluation stage.

The second bid-book project is expected to be submitted in early November; the final decision is scheduled for December (except for any delays due to the current situation).