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The cycle bridge shines for the first time

sijoča brv

Yesterday, the technicians performed a light test and the cross-border cycle bridge shone for the first time in all its beauty. The view from the footbridge stretches from the illuminated monument of Oslavia/Oslavje to the famous Solkan bridge with the longest stone arch in the world. The footbridge with its position at the lower bend of the Soča River in Solkan offers a new interesting view of the surrounding area. We can not wait for the evening walks along the new cycle bridge, where we will be able to escape the summer heat, admire the landscape and enjoy the sounds of the river.


You can get a first impression from the pictures. On our Facebook and Twitter profile, GECT GO EZTS GO, you can also watch videos of the footbridge illuminated by new lights and a full moon.

test luči

test luči 2





The project Isonzo-Soča is financed by the Interreg Italia-Slovenija2014-2020 Program.