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The new spaces dedicated to the autism pilot action of the Health-Zdravstvo project were inaugurated

inaugurazione autismo 1

Thursday 21 November 2019 the new spaces dedicated to the autism pilot action of the Health-Zdravstvo project were inaugurated. The spaces are intended for the treatment of Italian and Slovenian children with autism spectrum disorder in the territory of the EGTC GO. The children will be treated by a cross-border group of experts from the hospital »Dr. Franc Derganc «Nova Gorica (Splošna bolnišnica» Dr. Franca Derganca «Nova Gorica) and from the company for health care n. 2 »Bassa Friulana - Isontina«, which participated in the ESDM (Early Stard Denver Model) training as part of the Salute-Zdravstvo project and which are already carrying out the treatment of autistic children under the supervision of Costanza Colombi, the American professor who has carried out the training. This is an innovative method of treating children specifically aimed at small children, aged between 18 and 48 months, and is among the most effective in the world. The spaces have been renovated and furnished according to the requirements of the treatment of autistic children with the ESDM method. The total value of the investment, which includes the renovation of premises, equipment and educational material, is € 27,088.37 (including VAT). The investment was carried out by the European Grouping of territorial cooperation EGTC GO as part of the Health-Health project, funded by the Italy-Slovenia Interreg Program V-A 2014-2020