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The new logo concept for GO! 2025

studio but maybe

Today we deepen the splendid work of Michele Pastore, Giulia Bardelli and Andrea Guccini of Studio But Maybe in Bologna, who managed to find an image that could represent our two cities, united but also different in their peculiarities!

Let's get to know them!


Graphic and digital design studio founded by Giulia Bardelli, Andrea Guccini, and Michele Pastore. The studio’s work encompasses visual identities, branding, web design, coding, editorial design, and content creation for a diversity of clients – culture, business (btb and btc), government, and non-profit. The studio’s multidisciplinary nature allows the development of powerful, durable, and recognizable communication systems with a strategical approach that is distinguishable for being simultaneously methodological and versatile.



Starting from the will to enhance the peculiarities of the territory of Nova Gorica and Gorizia, Studio But Maybe has chosen to develop an identity proposal that overcomes the traditional concept of the logo. A flexible and constantly changing system rather than a single and static representation. A visual approach telling about these two cities that strive and dwell together for a borderless, multicultural, multi-linguistic, innovative, and green-shared reality.Therefore, to fulfill the set goal, the studio designed a font comprehensive of five stylistic variations, inspired by the main claims chosen to represent the European Capital of Culture 2025: “GO! Borderless”, “GO! Share”, “GO! Green”, “GO! Europe” and “EPICenter”. These core concepts of openness, nature, sharing and union are expressed through typographical lines that open, intertwine, and unite within the harmony of a multiform visual language. This distinctive writing adds to the words, enhancing their meaning and molding itself according to the conveyed concept. The strongly recognizable and dynamic graphic alphabet turns into an across-the-board communicative identifying tool.

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