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Social inclusion: meetings photos

Incontri servizio sociali 1

Swipe through the photos of the social inclusion meetings that have taken place in the past months in the three municipalities of the EGTC GO.
In autumn, others will be organized to network Italian and Slovenian individuals who work in favor of the weaker groups.
The activities are carried out within the framework of the Salute-Zdravstvo project, funded by the Interreg Italia- Slovenja Program 2014-2020.


First meeting 29.5.2019 - Seniors and disabilities - Gorizia (Multipurpose center via Baiamonti)

Second meeting 5.6.2019 - Social unease and poverty -Šempeter pri Gorici (Koroninijeva palača)

Third meeting 13.6.2019 - Minors and families - Nova Gorica (Občina Nova Gorica zelena dvorana)


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