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GO! 2025: The european capital of culture partecipates in the networking of italian capital cities of culture



GO! 2025 Councillor Patrizia Artico and EGTC GO Project Manager Marco Marinuzzi took part in Rome in the Working Tables for Good Practices in Cultural Development promoted by the Ministry, and Gorizia is preparing - anticipates the director of EGTC GO Romina Kocina - to host, on 14 and 15 March, the full immersion training organised by the Fondazione Scuola Beni e Attività Culturali. Possible synergies are in sight with Agrigento, Italian Capital of Culture 2025, around the themes of border, land and sea identity. But also with Assisi on the themes of peace, or with cultural realities such as Milan's Bookcity and Maratown.

ROME - To share and systemise information and tools for the construction of new strategies for the development of the territory on a cultural basis: this was the objective of "Cantiere Città. Opportunities and Networking", the two-day study and discussion event promoted by the Ministry of Culture and the Foundation School for Cultural Heritage and Activities, which was held in Rome to consolidate the planning skills of the finalist cities for the title of Italian Capital of Culture.

"Networking is the key word for the great opportunity of the European Capital of Culture", explains EGTC GO Director Romina Kocina. "From the two days in Rome come precious insights for the synergies being activated at cross-border, national and international level.

A topic that we will have the opportunity to explore in depth on Thursday 14 and Friday 15 March in Gorizia, when we will host a training 'task force' of the Foundation School for Cultural Heritage and Activities and at the same time the SKILLS2GO! project will start in Nova Gorica with the first workshop on the theme "Audience engagement, strategies and tools to foster cross-border participation". In this context we will be able to concretely discuss the theme of co-creation and audience engagement, from profiling to building a real cross-border community". 

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