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GO! 2025 at the world's largest tourism fair


ITB Berlin is the leading platform for the tourism industry, where organizations from all over the world present themselves with booths, conferences and other side events. At the Berlin Exchange, which this year will be held March 5-7 and is intended exclusively for the business world, Slovenia will traditionally be represented by the Slovenian Tourist Board (STO). The main theme of Slovenian tourism promotion for the next two years is culture and art, which is why the European Capital of Culture 2025 Nova Gorica-Gorica was invited to participate. Thus, our project had the opportunity to present itself at the world's largest tourism exchange: about 24,000 participants are expected this year.

Representatives of GO! 2025 will provide full animation at the booth. For the occasion, a new promotional video (designed and edited by Blaž Trušnovec) and a new tourist-cultural brochure have been prepared that will attract visitors with stimulating images and interesting content from the European Capital of Culture. Perhaps most interesting will be the booth space itself, which will represent Europe Square, a symbolic meeting point right on the border between Slovenia and Italy.The visit to our stand will be sealed with an artistic souvenir for the business audience: a graphic work by Slovenian artist Zora Stančič, who on this very occasion offered an original visual experience related to the CEC's cross-border mission.

GO! 2025 will also be linked to the German city of Chemnitz, which will also be the European Capital of Culture in 2025. Colleagues from both capitals, who have been cooperating well for a long time, are preparing a joint presentation of two i.e., three cities, which will invite cultural tourists to two connected European cities at the same time.

Slovenia will present itself at ITB Berlin with a new booth that, in line with trends, supports the use of the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence, and also offers more intimate spaces for in-depth conversations and events. The booth will also be a venue for meetings and discussions on tourism, art and culture. So-called culture & artist travel talks will take place on all days of the fair, and on Tuesday, 5.3. the booth and evening will also feature Minister of Economy, Tourism and Sports Matjaž Han with his delegation. Tuesday will also discuss the topic of Slovenian intangible cultural heritage and the positioning of the Alpine space in tourism promotion, music as part of Slovenian cultural tradition through storytelling will also be discussed.On Wednesday special attention will be paid to the positioning of the European Capital of Culture in tourism promotion, on Wednesday we will also discuss film culture, and on Thursday Slovenian art in the German area.

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