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Two (?) cities, one Capital of Culture

Territori della Cultura

No. 54 of "Territori della Cultura" the magazine published by the European University Center for Cultural Heritage and carried by "QA Turismo Culturale e Arte" is available online. Project manager GO! 2025 at EGTC GO, Marco Marinuzzi's article, "Two (?) Cities, One Capital of Culture," discusses how, through the active dialogue between the two cities of Nova Gorica and Gorizia and a long process of collaboration between the two administrations, the cross-border territory was crowned with the huge European recognition (Nova Gorica - Gorizia European Capital of Culture 2025). Therefore, Nova Gorica and Gorica, will represent Slovenia in this important cultural showcase in 2025, with the aim of optimizing the cross-border strategy, as dictated by the chosen slogan GO! Borderless.


The magazine edition with the full article is available at the link

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