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What is an individual health envelope?

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The individual health envelope (IZO) is a methodology first experimentally activated in the field of mental health in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in 1996. It has been developed in many provincial mental health centers as a support activity for individual therapeutic-rehabilitation projects. The recognized methodology is also used in other Italian countries and in other areas of social and health inclusion. An individual health envelope is defined as "a set of economic, professional and human resources necessary to initiate a process aimed at the social reintegration of an individual through an individual therapeutic-rehabilitation project."

Within the Mental Health Project, the aim is to establish a cross-border methodology for joint planning and management of Individual Health Envelopes in the EGTC GO area. The target group is young people with mental health problems who need an individualized approach to rehabilitation with a gift for the return of social competencies, education and employment. The activities take place under the auspices of a cross-border working group of health and other professionals. The group, consisting of experts from various organizations (Slovenian Association for Mental Health - Šent, social cooperative La Collina, ZD Nova Gorica and health organization ASUGI - Azienda sanitaria Giuliano Isontina) develops the following programs: joint management and monitoring program on the territory, education program and work, sociability program and housing program (residential community).

During the project, both the Slovenian and Italian sides identified users who meet the criteria and included them in individual activities that have been going on since the beginning of 2020. A total of 18 young users with severe mental problems have been involved so far, as part of the following activities:

Creative programs (Itinerari Basagliani, Lunatico Festival, radio show Millevoci within Radio Fragola) take place in Gorizia's Basaglia Park under the auspices of the social cooperative La Collina.

Under the mentorship of the Šent association, users are actively involved in the work process of recycling and preparation of packaging.

Individuals also carry out work activities related to assistance in the organization and implementation of events within the project.

Co-organized by La Collina and Šent, a conference on the equitable distribution of mental health funds was held, at which international experts presented various ways of financing the sector's services and shared joint proposals for improving the treatment of people with mental health problems.

In parallel, regular individual meetings take place, where users are provided with any support for social reintegration.

At the same time, activities related to the living community are carried out. In October 2020, the first two users moved into an apartment in Nova Gorica.

The operation of the housing community is in the domain of the Šent association, which is committed to sustainability even after the end of the project. It is also planned to establish a cross-border education and employment center in the future, where young people with mental health problems will have the opportunity for education, training for work and, last but not least, employment.

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