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The GECT GO assembly has approved the 2023 budget


The 2023 budget for the EGTC GO was approved on, Wednesday April 24th, with the unanimous vote of the assembly of the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation. This was the main item on the agenda of the first assembly of the year, held yesterday at 4 p.m. at the EGTC GO headquarters in Corso Italia 55.

Among the strategic lines pursued in the past year were the work towards the European Capital of Culture in concert with the Javni zavod GO! 2025, the strategic renovation site at Transalpina/Trg Evrope square, and the implementation of the call for small projects, financed by the Interreg Italy-Slovenia 2021-2027 programme. »It’s been a year full of projects and activities, which have required a considerable effort in terms of organisation and human resources. We responded by strengthening our structure,« explains Director Romina Kocina. In 2023, three employees were made permanent and 5 temporary employees were recruited, bringing the total to 14 employees, including the director. In addition to these, there are also some external consultants for specific projects.

In addition to the many projects related to GO! 2025, in 2023 the EGTC GO has submitted several projects on European calls, focusing on the topics of sustainable tourism and energy transition. Recently, the news has arrived that two of these projects, in which the EGTC GO participates as a partner, received the green light: one is related to the theme of governance in cross-border regions with the development of pilot actions on sustainable tourism, while the second one pursues the objective of enhancing cultural tourism and knowledge related to the Great War through actions at the strategic level as a development lever for the border area.

The EGTC GO is also participating as a partner in two projects concerning cross-border bicycle paths and bikesharing and collaborating in the preparation of a project on improving the financial and economic literacy of young Europeans. On the other hand, the bureaucratic issue of organising events in Transalpina/Trg Evrope square was the input for the B-Solutions project 'GO! Borderless square', which aims to overcome these obstacles.

The joint session of the three municipal councils of Gorizia, Nova Gorica and Šempeter-Vrtojba was also announced during the assembly discussion. The direction will be in the hands of the Nova Gorica municipality: the meeting was announced for the autumn. The last joint meeting was in 2017.

It was also announced that several EGTC committees will meet again in May: in the first half of the month it will be the turn of the members of the health, transport and environment committees.

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