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The EGTC GO offices remain closed to the pubblic

Measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 We inform you that the offices of the EGTC GO will remain closed to the public until the 13th of April, with the ...

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Great interest in the international competition of ideas of the EGTC GO for the redevelopment of the area of ​​Piazza Transalpina and the border area from Solkan to Rožna Dolina

From February 25, the day of publication of the call, to date, 100 subjects have requested registration on the EGTC GO platform to participate in the international competition of ideas ...

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Ziberna and Miklavič protagonists of the first episode of Virtual Cafe with GO! 2025 Nova Gorica- Gorizia

A month ago, Rodolfo Ziberna and Klemen Miklavič celebrated together, in Ljubljana, embracing each other, the transition to the second phase of the candidacy of Nova Gorica and Gorizia for ...

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