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First visit on the construction site of lots 3 and 4 of the Isonzo- Soča Project

First Umrell visit on the construction site of lots 3 and 4 of the Isonzo- Soča Project. In the photos the refill of the stabilized granular mixture in the ...


Time lapse of the construction of the cyclebridge on the Isonzo-Soča river

The construction of a footbridge over the Isonzo-Soča river in the Solkan/Salcano recreational park is a very important project, for several aspects. First of all, it should be stressed ...


New call for logotype / brand and corporate visual identity GO! 2025

We have published the new call for the logo and graphic image of the European Capital of Culture GO! 2025. The call is open until February 9, 2022, more information ...


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