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When the ECOC 2025 Candidacy meets the CBC projects

The mayors of the two Gorizias, Rodolfo Ziberna and Klemen Miklavič, together with the President of the EGTC GO, Matej Arčon, in a beautiful promotional video where the CBC Project ...

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The bid book of the GO! 2025 candidacy has been delivered

The second bid-boook of Nova Gorica and Gorizia's candidacy for European Capital of Culture 2025 has been delivered to the Slovenian Ministry of Culture in Ljubljana. The script presents ...

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Presentation of Salute-Zdravstvo project: Social inclusion

As part of the activities, the three founding municipalities of the EGTC GO have established a cross-border network of social services for the inhabitants of the EGTC GO area, with ...

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