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Free on-line Italian and Slovenian lessons

corsi on line

As part of the candidacy for European Capital of Culture 2025, coordinated by the EGTC GO, the GO! 2025 team has organized an online course in Italian and one in Slovenian, to make citizens of the cross-border area feel closer at this not easy time. Both courses are going to start on Monday, March 30th.

A week ago the GO! 2025 team asked its followers on Facebook and Instagram if they were interested in taking an Italian course dedicated to those who speak Slovenian and one of Slovenian for those who speak Italian. Exceeding all expectations, more than 300 people answered the appeal, wishing to participate in the free 10-hour online course, which will focus mainly on the "practical" use of the two languages.

The course will last 5 weeks, will take place on Monday and Thursday, in two Facebook groups. Slovenian-speaking students will learn Italian in the group "Nauči se ITALIJANSKO z GO! 2025," while Italian language students will learn Slovenian in the group "Impara lo SLOVENO con GO! 2025".

"We are proud that many people want to learn the language across the border," explains the GO team! 2025-, which for our small and multifaceted cross-border territory can also be very useful. Despite new physical boundaries, we remain #borderless. You are all invited to join us, we start on March 30th, 2020! "

The working group for the preparation of the application of Nova Gorica and Gorizia as European Capital of Culture continues with its work. Video conferences, agreements with international partners and other activities are underway. "The events of the last month, after qualifying for the selection phase of the candidacy, have taken a completely different direction than anyone would have expected - the artistic director of the candidacy, Neda Rusjan Bric, told us. The border between two countries, between the two cities, has cut our territory in two, almost like the first time, above all because nobody would ever have expected it again. And this is precisely why our candidacy is important, now more than ever: the common future is not just an idea, but it's a fact, despite the problems we are experiencing, people on both sides of the border guard and defend our common idea of ​​coexistence, compassion and solidarity. Italy, which has been in the past month one of the biggest victims of the virus infection in Europe, needs our support right now. Thanks to the measures taken on the Italian side, the inhabitants of the Slovenian part of our territory were warned of the danger before the rest of Slovenia and were able to deal with the situation immediately, from the start. Even the ECOC team is not idle: we are working virtually, changing our way of thinking, looking for opportunities and ways to support cultural operators, from both parts of the border, who are currently in great difficulty, redesigning individual projects in light of potentially similar situations also in the future ... Today we believe even more that only together will we be able to pass this incredible test. Our past border stories can help us. Fortunately, with the support of modern technologies, we continue to operate »borderless« today so that we can be together again in the future!