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Strategic plan


EGTC GO and the new programming period

In the new European 2014-2020 programming period EGTC will play a central role in terms of strategic development, program implementation and disbursement of funds. EGTC purpose is to provide a legal instrument that can simplify the management of cross-border funds and initiatives.

Since its constitution, EGTC GO aimed at creating a "programming laboratory" in which the representatives of the three municipalities could discuss and draw up proposals to jointly solve the issues of the cross-border area.

For this reason, EGTC standing committees are setting up a "cross-border plan for local development" that will include an analysis of the challenges, opportunities and joint initiatives to be implemented in the EGTC area. The local development plan is the first step towards joint programming, which will be implemented through the tools of the new European financial framework, such as the "Integrated Territorial Investment".

This new tool will promote actual integration and synergy between the different EU funds allocated to the Italian and Slovenian area, thus obtaining a greater impact and an effective rationalization of the resources.

The EGTC committees are therefore already preparing for the next 2014-2020 programming period with the aim of attracting financial funds for the cross-border area of Gorizia, Nova Gorica and Šempeter-Vrojba, in order to implement joint projects, which will be beneficial for the inhabitants of both sides of the border.


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