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Virtual exhibition of the projects of the Competition for the urban development of the Piazza Transalpina/ Trg Evrope Square


Virtual exhibition inauguration speech by the mayors of the two Goricas/Gorizias, Klemen Miklavič and Rodolofo Ziberna.

Dear virtual visitors!

In this moment where a new reality is shaping our daily lives and in which the vulnerability of culture has had to adapt to certain conditions, we have achieved a remarkable result on our territory. The acquisition of the title of European Capital of Culture 2025 is proof for our conurbation that the inhabitants of the two Gorizias/Goricas breathe the same air. This inspires us and fills us with boundless optimism. We have demonstrated and will continue to demonstrate that culture is fundamental in all aspects of social life!

Unfortunately, the current epidemiological situation has left us with no alternative but to hold the present exhibition of the urban redevelopment of Piazza Transalpina/Trg Evrope in a virtual mode.

The international competition for the development of the two Gorizias’/Goricas’ common square, with the construction of an Epicenter, a structure on the border, with foundations in two countries, symbolises one of the first steps of our candidacy. The competition was conducted by EGTC GO with the support of UIA (Union of International Architects).

The Piazza Transalpina/Trg Evrope Square is a symbol of the third, common centre of the two cities and with the CEC project GO! BORDERLESS, it will become a venue for a wide range of cultural and social events that will preserve the square as an organic and vibrant structure for the people to enjoy.

The international competition of ideas, held in accordance with the UIA-UNESCO Standard Regulations for international competitions in architecture and urban planning, aroused great interest. Among the 56 participants, there were competitors from 18 countries.

The international jury evaluated 54 projects and unanimously declared a winning project, as well as awarding prizes to second and third place runners-up and three honourable mentions. The jury appreciated the value of all the projects submitted but believed that the chosen winner best represented the idea of a new common cross-border territory, connected by a single European and cultural thread and which thoughtfully addressed all the demands of the brief.


Video presentation by the competition winner.

The proposals for the urban context sought to find opportunities for long-term integration, both by revitalizing the area, introducing new programs and uses, and by reducing the number of railway lines that currently constitute a physical barrier and are a major obstacle to the development of this area. A major problem with regards to the optimal conceptual solution was also the location of the Epicenter itself, either in front of or on both sides of the railway station, either underground or as a connecting structure beyond existing railway tracks.

As foreseen by the competition brief, the second phase will see the opening of a negotiated procedure with the winner of the competition for the realization of the project. The negotiation will aim to best adapt the project to the local conditions, regulations, and constraints, to arrive at an ideal solution for our territory. To this end, citizens will be invited to express their ideas in writing, on the winning project. They will subsequently have the opportunity to present and discuss their suggestions or observations with the architect winner, entrusted to carry out the project, during a project presentation meeting. The meeting will be organized, depending on the epidemiological situation, in either physical or virtual form.

Now, without further ado, we invite you to have a look at all the projects received and to immerse yourselves in the ideas presented, experiencing Piazza Transapina/Trg Evrope through your eyes. Enjoy your visit!

Sfoglia online

Winners piazza Transalpina_Trg Evrope_virtual Preview
All partecipants_arhitekturni natečaj_concorso idee Preview


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